LEARNing To LEARN | Preparation For BETTER Learning | How To?

La seguridad un factor muy importante …

EDU: Digital CitiZENship, CyberSecurity, eSkills, Modern EDU by Gust MEES


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LEARNing To LEARN-Where To Start!?

In previous posts WE were discussing about the design of LEARNing for ===> DigitalCitizenShip <===, the different possibilities. Now WE will see about the How-To on where to start, my advice by PracTICE. Let us remember what was taught on previous posts.


PracTICE-21st-Century-Assessment-Flowchart-Page3-screenshotClick the above image, please, to access the article.


Let us ALSO remember the MOST important, see below, please.


Synthesizing Mind-5 Minds for the future


SO, NOW where to start?

WE will use the following design to make sure to NOT FORGET something. The main topics are ===> Proactive THINKing <=== together with ===> Critical THINKing <=== AND ===> CyberSecurity <===. Remember the word ===> together <===, as it is part of an effective and efficient21st Century EDUcation! More text explaining…+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

French (Français): Danger connu est danger vaincu ! Mieux vaut prévoir que valoir ! Un enfant…

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