The Common Core: A Worthless Basis for Determining Workforce Readiness

El futuro de la educación en red…nos preparamos para la complejidad, la creatividad y el ser único…

Network Schools - Wayne Gersen

Modern Learners, a weekly email newsletter, offers many links to insightful and thought provoking blog posts ad articles. Yesterday’s “issue” of the on-line newsletter was no exception, featuring a link to Harold Jarche’s blog post titled “The Future of Human Work”. In the post Marche, who is a management consultant based in Canada, opens with this paragraph:

People can never be better at computing than computers. We cannot become more efficient than machines. All we can do is be more curious, more creative, more empathetic. The fact that automation is taking away jobs once designed for people means that it is time we focus on what is really important: our humanity. Service delivery will gradually improve as machines take it over. Accidents will diminish with self-driving cars. Errors will be reduced with robotic surgeries. Many human jobs will fade away.

While Jarche doesn’t say so in the post, many futurists…

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