Federated Education: New Directions in Digital Collaboration

New Directions in Digital Collaboration


by Mike Caulfield.

Keynote delivered at NWACC 11/6/2014.


Part 1: Sputnik

I’m going to start this keynote by stealing a story from Steven Johnson, a historian of technology.

Johnson uses the invention of GPS as a case study in how innovation happens. It’s his favorite story and he’s told it everywhere from a TED Talk to Science Friday, so apologies if you’ve heard it before. But he repeats it for a reason — it’s just an excellent example of what innovation and progress actually look like.


The way the story goes is this. Sputnik launches in 1957, and America freaks out. The Russians are in space! It’s like Ebola, ISIS, and Gamergate all rolled up in one.

Meanwhile some physicists at Johns Hopkins are hanging out, and wondering — would it be possible to listen to this satellite? It’s sending out a signal, mostly to just show it’s still up…

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